Gaga's Bad Metal Legacy

After chickening out of wearing a hijab made of bacon,
Lady Gaga went for a less controversial metal look.
In a recent post I highlighted a cover of Lady Gaga's metal classic Bad Romance. Whilst some of you may have been scratching the fleas on your head (Metal fans are supposed to not wash their hair if I remember the stories in the press rightly) most are busy looking at Jill Janus and Maria Brink's talents.

I digress, a simple search of the Lady Gaga metal phenomena was depressing. I love metal cover versions of dross pop songs, however the Lady Gaga covers are something else lacking humour and if anything trying to jump on a bandwagon. As reviewer Cynic wrote at Metal Underground
Instead of metal covers of [Gaga] songs being witty juxtapositions or ironic statements about the bubblegum nature of mainstream artists (which they probably wouldn't be even if she were bad), all these covers are just needless prostration at the feet of a "not that bad" artist. To me covering LG is like a red flag warning of a band that thinks they're doing something witty or original, but is in fact an unimaginative zeitgeist which shames us all as we sink into the cesspit of attention grabbing.
First up is the best of the covers I found, which I don't think is serious and shows little respect - and is all the better for it. Many others are after the jump but listen with caution as they are still dreadful, bar the Epic Metal cover, even with the amps turned up to 11. 
Epic Metal Instrumental Cover
At this point I got seriously bored so here's the link if you want more Gaga. Go and do not darken this place again. You are not Rock Shaman, you are a sucker of Satan's Cock.

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