Maria Brink wants to be your whore

Maria Brink sings 'I can be your Whore' a few times to Chris Motionless in what is actually quite a catchy pop metal track.

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AC/DC -the Puberty Years

For those who have ever worshipped at the Altar of the brother's Young, there are certain sounds that cause ears to burn. Occasionally these sounds may allow a few bars of 'Love is in the Air' to parse their lips.

Aesthetic Warning:


Marmozets - Why do you hate me?

It's quite possibly because Becca is quite scary when she shouts...not to mention any genre of music called 'mathcore' should engender immediate hate...but I suspect it may be Becca's phone manner. Behold;
Leave a message after the tone
This is jaunty, catchy and deserves to make Marmozets noticed.


Tonight Alive - on the Edge...of selling out?

I recognised the voice but thought this was a new band. A google search revealed it was Antipodean pop punksters Tonight Alive.
Pre rooftop makeover.
Image: Wikedpedia

It seems Jenna has had a big budget Hollywood makeover and is unrecognisable from the girl next door with beanie hat she was a few weeks ago...unless she has decided she is a 'woman' and to show this wears tight revealing clothing.

The video is the usual standing on a rooftop cliché that goes seems to be obligatory with Spiderman. Not one of their greatest,  but pleasant enough.


Anavae - Storm Chaser/Anti-Faith

Anavae (often abbreviated ae, Æ or æ) are a Britishalternative rock band from London signed to LAB Records. Formed in 2011, the group consists of Rebecca Need-Menear (vocalist), Jamie Finch and Josh Platt (guitarists), James Pearce (bassist),and Seb Gee (drummer).


Taylor Momsen's Titty Reckless

Sex n Satan. Must be Rock n' Roll...and boobs. 
New single after the


#SellingOut Diamonds, Guns+Punk

When criticizing bands for selling out when their songs feature in an advert, it is worth putting yourself in their shoes. Most bands have a brief flash of success before extinguishing in a puff of powder and recriminations. The earning potential though vast, is short and easily blown or inhaled. So let us hear their words;

You know, fuck it, I don't know I don't necessarily think that commercial success means selling out because you can't control who buys your shit and who doesn't, like how many people buy it and who doesn't, like fuck it, who cares. People also don't understand that.. I think when you're in a position to make money it also creates opportunities for other people, gives people jobs, that's one of the reasons I wanted to start this band in the first place, we turned into a band basically so I could give my friend a job selling merch, I could give my friend a job on the crew, as a manager.. down the line I can hire someone to print shirts... you know, there is some method to this madness  MusicSheBlogged
We can forgive, but when your musical masterpiece is used in a fucking hair advert there is not much you can say that will ever take away our suspicions that the music you apparently sweat blood and tears for was worth a soapy tit wank instead of full blown orgy.

There are of course exceptions to most rules, usually dependent upon your cash flow, unless of course you happen to be twins, your hair has been kissed by the Timotei gods and have Nelson as your last name.
The Nelson Twins succumbed to record boss pressure and renamed their song Golden Showers 
It is also worth remembering squeaky clean Whitney Houston was a crack ho.