AC/DC -the Puberty Years

For those who have ever worshipped at the Altar of the brother's Young, there are certain sounds that cause ears to burn. Occasionally these sounds may allow a few bars of 'Love is in the Air' to parse their lips.

Aesthetic Warning:
some may wince at the above but the discerning rock shaman will have their ears finely tuned to the drum and bass, possibly imagining a school boy showing his arse* from the wings, hearing the distinctive sound of Vanda & Young that infused the first few AC/DC albums even if they may still be humming Love is in the Air - although I may have them flayed for not appreciating a ball wrenching guitar solo that frankly would cause most glam rockers to smudge their mascara.[*]

One year before acca ducca laid their golden hard blues on vinyl, licks were laid down in Abbey Road
“We had Harry, myself and my kid brothers, Malcolm and Angus. We all got rotten, except for Angus, who was too young, and we spent a month in there boozing it up every night. That was the first thing Malcolm and Angus did before AC/DC. We didn’t take it very seriously, so we thought we’d include them to give them an idea of what recording was all about." Classic Rock Magazine
* Rock would never have evolved in modern times - even with electricity. There would be no light, sound, drums and guitar. Angus Young, who cut his teeth inside a Cow somewhere in Hammersmith, London, would at this very moment still be answering questions about possible connections with Jimmy Saville and Queen. Whole Lotta Rosie would have exploded in a great venereal explosion of twitter puss. They would never had been sued for their links to Satan, instead they would have been sued by the Devil on behalf of Millie Tant and Twitter for rape, illegal acquisition of genetic material (formerly know as Spreading The Disease), misogyny, fatism and racism by virtue of being white and Australian. Of course should Angus continue to show his arse to young boys in the audience questions may need to be answered.
[**] I must look into the new phenomenon of Panda Rock

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