Start as you mean to go on. 

Powerage is known as the AC/DC aficionados choice. It's probably the most solid AC/DC album. They did make more popular ones but every track was a solid. The only thing it lacked was Cold Hearted Man. 

This track never made it on to Powerage but it was on the later UK release and it's what I grew up with. The album seems to lack without the power blues and menace of this, With no further ado I present Cold Hearted Man. Or should it be Cold Water Shark? It doesn't matter I just have another reason to play Classic AC/DC and try and banish the site of the AC/DC merchandise everywhere burning my eyes. 

That is not the Highway to Hell. It's Sucking on Satan's fat one to get there even faster. They don't even need the money having the second biggest selling album of all time after Thriller. That does not Rock. 

This however does and is the starting reference point. Rock \m/(><)\m/

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