Rock's Darkest Days TNA#1

In 1988 during the heady days of the Guns n' Roses World Domination, there were women who rocked. Femme Fatale were a let down as they only had two good songs. Nickleback albums are like that too and rely on lack of clothing (thankfully not their own) to pep up the sales.  

Chad Kroeger, Ludacris, Zakk Wylde...and scantily clad ladies (note my emphasis): 
This is not a Chromatic Mash up. It's the element of Metal/Rock that RnB and Bling hijacked (think the 70's Rock Gods). It's about a load of names trying to make money. 

It is not Shamanic Rock. Bit it does have scantily clad ladies and Zakk.  

TNA* Is a series where I show a gratuitous video and promote a heavy metal babe taking her clothes off. If you want to slap your salami to the pictures an videos that's your choice. You won't go blind but your hand may fall asleep on you and the rejection could be Hard to Handle as can staying a Virgin.

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