#TNA Lzzy Halestorm

Lzzy and some blokes who apparently play instuments
Halestorm hail [sic] from and were formed by siblings Elizabeth 'Lzzy' Arejay Hale having written songs  since 1997 an originally had their father playing bass. Surprisingly they have only released one eponymous studio album back in 2009 despite several EP's. Firmly in the hard rock sphere as shown by 2011's  ReAniMate:The CoVeRs eP, which covered [sic] Skid Row's 'Slave to the Grind', Guns N' Roses 'Out ta Get Me' and Lady Gaga's hard rock/metal classic 'Bad Romance. 
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  1. hailstorm is awesome i want to see their next concert that comes through Boise Idaho

  2. Sorry I never got back Daniel but thanks for dropping by. I wish I could see them and they're touring the UK now.