TNA#9 Redux: Maria Brink In This Moment

MILF*: Maria Brink in tasteful picture shocker
Maria Brink is the lead singer of North Hollywood Metalcore rockers In This Moment. I did feature her in TNA#9 but no one bothered to look. Learning well from my Jill Janus post I have added some tasteful (ahem) pictures for your delectation after the jump. Before I am accused of sexism or using sex to up my website hits (okay I readily admit to the last one but men rarely get bored of breasts) listen to Maria herself:
"I'm comfortable with my own sexuality...I was never a very conservative person, which I guess you can tell from looking at me, with my tattoos, and even with the type of music I do. But I don't push it too far.
She also runs a subscription website to milf milk the money from dedicated fans, however before you get ideas thinking there is some Jill Janus style action, she has an adult son so won't go too far. As she said
"When I did Playboy, everyone kept asking me, would you go topless?" she said. "I don't think there's anything wrong with nudity with women, but I obviously would never do that. Can you imagine my son having Playboy pictures all over the locker room wall?"
I would like to know, having watched the video for Gun Show (below) has Maria ever asked her fans 
"Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?"
More fun after the jump
All images are in the public domain and are from Maria Brinks Facebook Page, Myspace or Twitter.

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