8 year old Plays from F**king Heart

The parents of these children deserve so much respect whereas the parents of Rebecca Black deserve hanging. I may have to slightly amend the stance against children and music I made on Play From Your Fucking Heart!

...they should be banned from buying records so that rest of human existence don't have to suffer. The only time Tweenie music has ever been remotely acceptable is when these pop atrocities are ripped apart and covered by Thrash/Death metal bands as at least the kitsch value makes the result tolerable....the real culprits are the complete and utter bastard parents who allow their children to grow up with such appalling musical taste. This is totally devastating to children's lives and causes everlasting, painful scars. There are laws to protect children...these adults are feeding the children the musical equivalent of supersized fast food…bland, soulless, tasteless, pasteurised piffle that is slowly killing them!
The lyrics may need some work (or she can do some vocal fry and then I won't care what the words were) but I find this hard to fault. 
The rhythm track may not be the best but who cares when the lead is this good.

This child does an impression of Steven Tyler in the late 70's. He even has the falling over pat.

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