#TNA Redux Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia

Rock vs. Pop
Christina Scabbia vs. Christina Aguilera?
The two buxom blondes from California, Maria Brink and Jill Janus have proved a soar away success. Therefore I have decided to revisit another less popular post and add pictures to see if the TNA factor works its magic and raises things again [coughs weakly]

Metal Sucks have faced this dilemma themselves and have been criticised after Axl Rosenberg 
bitched and moaned because, unlike some other celebrities, Cristina Scabbia does not get naked in her new Peta ad. [Metal Sucks]
Lacuna Coil larynx Cristina was offended by this approach believing she was not being taken seriously as an artist. This response was similar to banning someone from your country for a twitter joke - the humour was lost in translation. Sometime's the best response is simply, 'I don't get it.' Instead this sparked debate ranging from the more obvious smutty replies to the more considered approach:
Sometimes I hope for a "Hottest Melal Dudes" issue... Not for the pleasure to looking at hot metalheads, but for you guys to see how it is to be treated like an object, with no brain, no opinion, no talent... [Metal Sucks]
And the point of this was? Having metal heritage, I can happily say most Metal front men and drummers have neither brains, opinion or talent. But like anything they have their charm and you cherish them. The songs could be about Gary Glitter needing lubricant for all most 'fans' care. It is a straw man of an argument and straw men go well with flames [it's a metal thing].

There was a time in Metal when wenches women were token offerings. Now men have been forced, reluctantly, out of their caves but their primal desires remain - with or without alcohol. I had noble ideas for the Bleeding Nose Shelter but after a few shots of bourbon I have decided on the simple and honest approach because I know you are probably not even reading this far.
LACUNA COIL - Kill The Light by Century Media Records
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Touring for 21 years
It must mean something
Every one of these images are from the bands publicity photo's absolutely no copyright is intended nor presumed. These images are used for promotional and enjoyment purposes only. But let's be honest. If you are reading the small print, look up...still there? Thought not. 

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