#TNA Brody Dalle

If I'm honest the word Milf is going into this post purely for search engine purposes and because no one else would visit the site otherwise. However in my defence I didn't resort to such gratuitousness a few years back.
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Brody Dalle is a "singer/screecher, originally from Melbourne, Australia - the continent colonized so England could shuffle its convicts off because their guillotine blades were getting dull." The Distillers, Coral Fang was one of the best albums I ever heard and even if I'm not that keen on Spinerette I'm willing to give it a go. Her image has mirrored her music and her voice. I do miss her screams, however now she's got kids maybe she's had enough of screaming.
“When Dalle sings, it’s with a jagged, full-throated power that pins you to the back wall – even on something as relatively restrained as Ghetto Love”. Why Rock’N'Roll Needs Brody Dalle 
She is married to the ginger one from Queens of the Stoned Age. The lucky bastard.

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