2012 Oblivion

Metal Shaman's know a thing or two about oblivion, which is normally felt the morning after. Record companies however are facing oblivion. These evil fuckers deserve everything coming to them this year. Not for making the populace suffer from the evil belieber, but because I wished to share some videos with you and the bastards have removed the embedded code. I have pushed these songs to the very end of this post. I love the music, love the bands just not the bastards who own their souls. 

I am against piracy, artists deserve to make a living from their product. If they don't they stop being able to create what we all enjoy. Record companies do not create, they destroy. These profiteering wankers are no better than the bankers who have been sodomising the planet's finances. Consensual sex is one thing, when you get fucked against your will it's Rape.
Into Eternity

People who put the codes on their sites are providing free advertising for your artists. You are fucking us and I for one do not take likely to corporate rapage of artists.

When I go to the 'official' channels I get shite pop videos. If I wanted that I'd watch pop video not HEAVY FUCKING METAL.I buy official DVD's and end up having to go through reams of adverts and adverts telling me not to pirate - I bought the fucking original! What is really annoying is that I. I don't mind having adverts as a feature or even better if it reduces the price, but it doesn't. I feel like pirating after being mentally abused by advertising. You fuck me. I want to fuck you. That is how the whole world ends up fucking mad. Show some respect to your fellow human beings you reptilian fuckers and stop dragging the rest of us into your personal oblivion.
Madina Lake
So WMG, I would kindly ask everyone to boycott all your products until you see the fucking light. Learn from the independents who give the fans what they want without making them wade through so much shit they loose interest. 
Emil Bulls
The Epica song I believe may be about record companies. If not it's pretty scary.

Lyrics Madina Lake

Corporate Schmuck Zone:

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