#OccupyFriday Eyes of the Insane [Slayer]

Tom Araya on Eyes of the Insane which won a Grammy Award: 
I was walking through the airport and I looked down and saw the issue of Texas Monthly with a soldier’s helmet on it. I picked up the magazine and thumbed through it and saw the article “Casualties of War”...It was a very profound article. I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote the song down. Something was telling me I had to write it, so it just came out. It is a sincere topic. It’s one that the military doesn’t want you to know. They sweep it under the rug, but it’s a story that needs to be told [Blistering]
"The effect that the war has had on some of these kids who're coming home and having a tough time dealing with what they've seen — I mean, some of these kids are traumatized and mentally destroyed by what they've seen. The magazine also ran an entire list of the soldiers from Texas who've died. It was several pages with pictures of these kids. It blew my mind." [MTV]

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