Amon Amrath Fake Viking Metal

I was disappointed at the lack of pillage and plunder in the video by Viking metal band Amon Amrath, not to mention not connecting instances of the Thunder God showing displeasure at government policy. But what shocked me the most was to find out that they are not real Vikings [see after jump]. 
We don’t really see ourselves as one of those bands doing pagan folklore music. The reason we took the Viking theme and mythology theme as a lyrical theme for the band was, perhaps, more accidental from the start. When we wrote the first song with Viking lyrics, we felt it was a topic that suited the music that we wanted to write really well...It was something different, as well, from a lot of other bands. In Sweden, I think only Bathory and Unleashed had done anything like it. For us, it was to do something different, to stand out a little bit, to use those lyrics. The Norse Mythology Blog's interview with Johan Hegg

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